ESC Hosting Inter-School Debating For Northwest Region

ESC Hosting Inter-School Debating For Northwest Region

The Epping Secondary College debating team is made up of eight students from Year 9, including Jordan Pungatara, Jermaine Pungatara, Abby Midgley, Ellie McLauchlan, Ira Alyanna Samson, Cody Ryan, Benjamin Latimer and Nathaniel O’Sullivan.

This year we are lucky enough to be hosting the debating rounds here at Epping Secondary College. The first debate will be held on the 25th of March. The topic that our team will be debating is, ‘That the government should subsidise tourism in regional Victoria’. The team is very excited for the first round and looking forward to engaging in rigorous debate with teams from other schools in order to extend their knowledge and practice their critical thinking skills.

Please wish the team luck if you see them around the school!

Alessandra Pecorari

Debating Coordinator