Please find all relevant forms for students at Epping Secondary College below.



Dear Parents & Carers,
This year Epping Secondary College will be partnering with Campion Education who will be supplying the booklist requirements for all students in Year 7-12 in 2023.

Campion Education have been operating in the local area for many years, specialising in educational supplies for primary and secondary schools. They offer a flexible solution to parents/carers for collection and delivery of 2023 booklists.

Our booklists have been reviewed over the last month by our Learning Area Leaders to ensure that all resources being requested are essential and items that are needed by students next year. As such we ask that parents/carers please complete their booklist order online as soon as possible to ensure materials are ready for their son or daughter to commence the new school year.

All orders are completed online, please follow the instructions in our attached “How to Order Online” flyer.

Give your children a great start to 2023 by ordering now and ensuring they are ready to learn from day one of the 2023 school year.

Kind regards,

Brad Moyle
2023 - How To Order
2023 - Year 7 Booklist
2023 - Year 8 Booklist
2023 - Year 9 Booklist
2023 - Year 10 Booklist
2023 - Year 11 Booklist
2023 - Year 12 Booklist
2023 - VCE VM Booklist