People you should know

The following list is provided to help both students and parents become familiar with some important members of staff in 2023. 

Principal Class

Anesti Anestis

College Principal

Joshua Wolter

Assistant Principal - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Annette Spence

Assistant Principal - Community Engagement in Learning

Tanya Conrad

Business Manager

Leading Teachers

Ranjeeta Anand

Curriculum, Planning & Assessment

Dean Malcolm

Careers, Skills & Pathways

Kirsten Healey

Pedagogy & Data

Year Level Coordinators & Year Level Leading Teacher

Michael Contarin & Susan Kanidiadis

Year 12

Rebecca Munari

Year 12 Leading Teacher

Martin Evans & Stephanie Temos

Year 11

Giuluia De Vincentis

Year 11 Leading Teacher

Laurie Naismith and Oliver Williams

Year 10

Ned Harper

Year 10 Leading Teacher

Christian Bettiol & Sue Flint

Year 9

Lia Privitelli

Year 9 Leading Teacher

Sonia Vibha & Michele Bauer

Year 8

Bianca Walker

Year 8 Leading Teacher

Jo Petrevska & Peter Kaskamanidis

Year 7

Bianca White

Year 7 Leading Teacher

Key Learning Area Leaders

Helen Tsolakidis


Ric Gil-Atkinson


Rhoan Hose


Toni Taylor


Gina Zorzan


Cesar Rifo-Inzunza


John Mckay and Sonya Schurmann


Cara Gallina


Julie Anastasiou


Antoinette Rehak & Rosa Neri

VCE: Vocational Major


Maree Hare

Student Attendance Officer (Years 7 - 9)

Lynda Howden

Student Attendance Officer (Years 10 - 12)

Linda O'Shea


Marco Angeles

IT Manager

Natalie Guarino

Transition Broker/ VET Coordinator

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