Epping Secondary College has officially launched its Uniform Menu.

Students are able to wear items all year around from the everyday Uniform section, and items from the sports Uniform section only on days when they are participating in a sport class or activity.

The aim of introducing a Uniform Menu is to disassociate from seasonal and gender-based uniform items, instead allowing students to feel comfortable in items of their choice from the Menu.

Some items are advertised as male or female fit, in allowing for the opportunity to purchase items based on body shape, as opposed to gender.

Uniform for VET subjects

Year 11 and 12 students are expected to be in full school uniform and have the school back pack. VET/VETis students are to wear full school uniform. The only exceptions are students undertaking Sport & Recreation who may be required to wear their school PE uniform and those students who may need to wear overalls or their VET Beauty uniform.

Jewellery, make-up and hair colouring.

Jewellery, makeup and hair are expected to comply with the Epping SC uniform policy and what is appropriate for school environments. Minimal jewellery and makeup (in natural skin tones) is permitted. Hair colouring must be in line with natural hair tones. Students who colour their hair with bright colours will be required to change the hair colour so that they can return to school. Any head bands or hair ties must be either plain black or blue (no colours or patterns permitted). Students may have only one small visible piercing (except earrings). Any tattoos must be covered by clothing.



All students are expected to wear black leather school shoes. Any canvas shoes, runners or flat ballet type shoes are not permitted. Runners are permitted for sport and PE only. This is not only a school council decision but an OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) issue that is being addressed by most schools. The school uniform pamphlet clearly shows which shoes are permitted and those shoes that are not permitted.


Scarves, hijabs, beanies, hats, caps, gloves, socks and tights are to be in plain navy with Epping Secondary logos where available.

*It is expected that hats, beanies and hoods be removed when inside.


LOWES Plenty Valley – Shop 42 Westfield Shopping Centre – Phone: 9404 3651 

Uniform Prices

ANY QUESTION?: Please Contact the School on (03) 9401 2599