All enrolment enquires should be directed to the front office.  You will be required to fill out a pre-enrolment application, and then wait to be contacted by the Assistant Principal who oversees the year level.

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Enrolments at Year 7 – 2021

  1. You have a guaranteed place at ESC if it is your designated neighbourhood school (the closest school to your permanent home address). 
  2. You will also be considered for enrolment if:
    1. There is a sibling enrolled in another year level at ESC already.
    2. You have successfully gained a place in the ACE (Accelerated Cluster Education) program.
    3. You fill out an application form requesting to attend ESC on any of the following curriculum grounds:
      1. Student Leadership: your child has demonstrated a strong capacity for student leadership and wishes to take part in the leadership opportunities at ESC.
      2. Languages: your child wishes to study Italian or Macedonian, and your Designated Neighbourhood School does not offer this language.
      3. Sport: your child has demonstrated commitment to sport in the past and would like to take part in our Sports Program.
      4. Performing Arts: your child has demonstrated a commitment to the performing arts (at least one of; instrumental music, dance or drama) and would like to take part in our program.

Applications to schools other than your designated neighbourhood school are considered subject to the school having available spaces, as outlined in the Department’s Placement Policy.

The attached transition timeline and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document will help you navigate the transition process.

What you need to do

1.     Read the Department’s Placement Policy including the priority order of placement at:

2.     Locate your designated neighbourhood school or preferred secondary schools using

3.     Complete the Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form and return to your primary school by Friday 29 May 2020. Your child’s primary school will advise you how you should return the form.

Year 7 placements are determined by secondary schools and your primary school will notify you of your child’s Year 7 placement offer for 2021 on Wednesday 19 August 2020. If, at any stage, any of your details on your child’s Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form change, you are requested to notify your primary school immediately.

ANY QUESTION?: Please Contact the School on +61 (03) 9401 2599