SWPBS at Epping Secondary College

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures.

The consolidation of SWPBS at Epping Secondary College has been a strong focus across the school in 2022 and continues to be in supporting improved social, emotional, behavioural, and academic outcomes for our students.

SWPBS implementation allows teachers and students more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. The goals of embedding SWPBS across the school are:

  • increased respectful and positive behaviour;
  • increased time focused on teaching and learning;
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing for students and staff;
  • positive and respectful student-staff relationships;
  • a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased attendance.

Key features of SWPBS at Epping Secondary College

Implementation of SWPBS requires commitment by the whole school community. In addressing a positive learning environment, and following consultation with students, staff and parents/carers, the school has introduced a variety of supports at the beginning of 2023 including:

  • revised school values;
  • the Epping Secondary College Student Code of Behaviour;
  • revised school SWPBS Behaviour Matrix linked to school values;
  • a new school Behaviour Flowchart;
  • the school’s Inclusion and Diversity poster.

Epping Secondary College has an active and expanding School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) Program. Our SWPBS program encourages and supports positive relationships between students and staff, and amongst students, student social and emotional growth and opportunities for all students to grow, mature and continually develop responsibility as members of the Epping Secondary College community, and as members of the wider community. These behaviours link to Epping Secondary College’s values of Respect, Resilience and Care in all areas of students’ lives as the school works in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community. Common language, fairness and consistency are key in creating and instilling positive values consistently across our school community.

Blue Award

At the end of 2023, Epping Secondary College has been awarded a Blue Award from the Department of Education for the stages of SWPBS that have been implemented to date across the school.


We look forward to continuing this work at the school, in developing positive and supportive relationships for and with students, and restorative conversations between staff and students in strengthening relationships.

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