Koorie Mentoring and Support Program

Koorie Mentoring and Support Program

Each Thursday our proud Koori students are invited to attend the Koori Mentoring and Support Program. The program has been developed to assist Indigenous students in creating a community of support, promote a connection to culture and empower each other to excel in and out of the class room. Students who attend are given access to mentors from the local community who provide additional support to all involved.

Ned Harper

Middle School Leading Teacher



Smoking Ceremony

Before I explain what we did on Thursday, 4th March, I would like to pay my respects to Elders both past, present and emerging.

On Thursday afternoon a Wiradjuri man came to the school to share his wisdom of his Aboriginal clan and help with a special, significant, cultural, smoking ceremony. He invited us to call him Uncle Ian and he told us he came to Victoria from NSW, then gave us an insight into what his clan does.

We participated in a “smoking” which is where a small fire is made with eucalyptus leaves. This “smoking” is used to introduce our sprit to the past Aboriginals as we are on their land. We walked into the smoke of the fire to rid us of bad spirits that we may have encountered or have stayed with us. Just before we extinguished the fire, Uncle Ian sang us an Aboriginal song. It was beautiful!

We talked about the different clans and what he does within his community. I don’t speak for just myself; I think everyone enjoyed the smoking ceremony and meeting Uncle Ian who had much wisdom, as well as a deep understanding and knowledge of his culture.

Thanks to the Koorie Program for bringing Uncle Ian to our school, taking time out of his day to spend it with us.

By Paige and Makala McKenzie

8D, 9E