World Environment Day

On Tuesday, 18th May, the Environment and Sustainability captains, Kira Irvin and I, were invited to attend an afternoon tea in the office of Lily D’Ambrosio MP, the Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Solar Homes, to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of members of our community in contributing to environment and sustainability. We were honoured by the invitation and gratefully accepted. We met many interesting individuals and organisations, along with other schools and learnt about how they promoted environmentally friendly options. We also took the opportunity to share with the MP and the other visitors our vision for the school and the plans and rollout for recycling that we are working on to ensure we as a college are doing our bit for the environment and sustainability here at Epping Secondary College.

At the end of the afternoon tea, we had a pleasant surprise from the MP as we were presented with an award acknowledging and thanking us for our contribution to the environmental work we are undertaking. The event was a tremendous success and was an amazing opportunity to learn and to be inspired. It also provided us with an insight into other areas we would like to see being implemented moving forward at our college. I know for me, it’s definitely an experience that I won’t forget.

Martin Jovanoski

Environment and Sustainability Captain