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On 24th February, the A-Team, which includes students from years 8 to 11 and an ex-student Aaron Lloyd from last year 12’s, participated in an event called the Spartan Race. This is either a 7km or 14 km obstacle course that involves running, rope climbing, mud crawling, lots of burpees and other unique activities.  During the month leading up to this event, many training sessions were provided to us after school on Wednesdays. The sessions involved a variety of activities including running, push ups, sit ups and games such as dodge ball and octopus which were not only fun and enjoyable but also challenging. Training sessions were run by Mr. Gonzales, in preparation for the rigorous obstacles of the Spartan Race.

On the day of the event we departed from school at 8am, wearing our team shirts for the commute to the event location, Lake Dewar in Bacchus Marsh. The area was filled with loud music and hundreds of people creating a motivational atmosphere encouraging us to push ourselves further.

One of the most memorable obstacles was the 20 metre mud crawl. This was the most challenging, yet rewarding activity – there was no way you could quit, so you had to push yourself to reach the end. Along the rest of the course we were met with obstacles including crossing rivers of cold water, walls that needed to be jumped or crawled under, throwing of a javelin into a tyre and carrying tyres and sand bags up and down hills.

Towards the end of the course we were confronted with an obstacle that involved us jumping onto a net which was suspended in the air above incoming racers so it made it feel like we were hovering. To reach the finish line we had to run between two huge men called gladiators whose sole purpose was to stop you with their foam covered poles.

Upon finishing we were awarded a medal, a t-shirt and a water bottle. Once we had changed from our extremely muddy clothes, we headed home with a stop off for a very well earned lunch.

The event was very enjoyable; it pushed all of us to our limits and we would all love to go back and do it multiple times again. Finally, BIG THANK YOU to Mr Gonzales for organising the event. Also Ms Privitelli, Mr. Rifo, Mr. Vogdanis, Mr. Marchbank, Mr. Harper, Mr. Hewawasam, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Brooke, for being there to support all of us and provide advice, as well as training and a great experience that we will never forget.

Written by A TEAM

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