Peer Support Program

At Epping Secondary we understand that the journey from primary to secondary school can be a difficult and challenging time for our youngest students. The Peer Support Program is offered to our Year 7s and facilitated by Year 10 students to assist the Year 7s as they move into secondary school.


Peer Support Leaders must apply for this position and undertake a two day training course: this is a fantastic opportunity where students undertake leadership training and develop essential 21st century skills such as communication, public speaking, collaboration and creative thinking, which will be invaluable as they move into adulthood.


Although nervous in their first lessons our Year 10 students quickly settled into their roles and they received a lot of positive feedback from their supervising teachers. Our Peer Support Leaders have demonstrated great maturity and responsibility in these positions and have also learnt many lessons, including just how difficult it can be to manage a class of energetic Year 7s. I am very proud of the Peer Support Team and their amazing achievements, they are to be commended for their commitment and enthusiastic participation in this program.

Ms. Hart

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