Past Epping SC students Parliament House

Past Epping SC student leaders act as community role models at a very special event in Parliament House.

Three of our past students, Tabitha Anderson (School Captain 2017), Deeksah Verma (graduated 2015) and Jerusha Mather (graduated 2014), are all outstanding young people who are still acting as role models within the wider community.
All three were involved in a special exhibition that took place at Parliament House on Tuesday, 29th October.

The exhibition, ‘Celebrating young people living in the Thomastown Electorate’, was hosted by Bronwyn Halfpenny, Labor MP for Thomastown at Parliament House Victoria, between 29th and 31st October, 2019.

Premier Daniel Andrews officially launched the event on Tuesday, 29th to an audience of 200 people.

The objective of the exhibition is to celebrate the valuable contributions of young people in the local area, as well to highlight the great programs in schools and organizations that support and develop young people.

Over the three days the audience included Federal and State politicians, members of the diplomatic corps, educators, business leaders, community organisations, media and academic representatives.

Tabitha Anderson and Deeksha Verma were members of the Youth Steering Committee and helped to organize the event with Tabitha escorting Daniel Andrews around the exhibition-no surprises there!

Tabitha Anderson, Deeksha Verma and Jerusha Mather were there, not only being showcased for their leadership and community work, but also their outstanding achievements in postgraduate studies. Jerusha is undertaking a PHD in Brain Science.

Helene Alamidis



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