Get into Genes

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Get into Genes


On Wednesday, August 21st, the two current Year 10 Genetics classes travelled to La Trobe University. The classes had recently completed their own research assignment on a self-selected area of Gene Technology and this excursion offered an opportunity to see where some of these technologies are utilised in Melbourne. Hosted in the impressive AgriBio building, students learnt how researchers were developing more efficient methods of growing drought and salt tolerant crops, using genetic engineering.


Students had the opportunity to work in one of the AgriBio laboratories, participating in four practical stations. Students were able to extract DNA from wheat germ; load DNA in a gel electrophoresis device; analyse spectroscopy results to determine nucleotide sequences; and analyse the DNA of cows and bulls to determine which mating pairing would produce the desired qualities in milk and temperament of any daughters born.


“The most interesting aspect was the experiment to physically see DNA of wheat.” Zane



“I found it very valuable because it gave us a chance to experience what university is like and help to give us a better understanding of DNA.” Valentino Di Puolo


“I learnt about how crops are made more adjustable to the environment and how technology can help us grow crops easily.” Advika Babji


“I felt the excursion helped us understand genetics more.” Bailee Capp


“I learnt how much the researchers and farmers put into their work.” Cengiz Togay


“We worked with professionals and worked through real life scenarios.” Stacey Tzotzis


Ms Sam Holt

Science Teacher



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