Japan Connect Program

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Japan Connect Program


Epping Secondary College students showed commitment in applying to participate in the very unique, Japan Connect Program. The program involved students from Epping SC and students from Tobu Junior High School (Japan) creating short presentations to teach each other about national and school cultures in both countries. Students also participated in a game show style quiz where they were challenged to answer questions relating to both Australia and Japan. The overall aim of the Japan Connect program was to support Japanese students in developing their English speaking skills through conversations and activities. The program was a huge success with members of the board of education from Japan attending Tobu Junior High School on the day along with the local media, both of whom expressed great satisfaction in the implementation of the program. Epping Secondary College are extremely excited to see where this partnership could take us moving forward.

I would like to express a huge amount of gratitude to all of the year 7-9 students who were involved in the planning and implementation of the program.

Ned Harper


The Japan Connect Program involved a video call to Tobu Junior High School in Japan. The main

aim of the Japan Connect Program was to support and advance the English speaking skills of the Japanese students. We learnt about the culture, school and students from Japan. Through a presentation and an interactive quiz we taught the Japanese students about the schools, food, animals and sports that are popular in Australia. I really enjoyed seeing the excited faces of the students and the fact we could help them improve their English skills.

Katy Prictor 7D


The Japanese Connect program involved us hosting a video call with the Japanese school and presenting a power point about our school lives and the culture of where we live.

The main aim of the program was to host a call with the Japanese students and help them gain a better understanding and find out what Australia is like, as well as us gaining an understanding of Japanese culture.

The Japanese students took turns in talking about their school and quizzed us on how much we knew. They taught us that they have longer school hours and after school clubs, the map of Japan, traditional foods, etc.

We showed the Japanese students a presentation about what our school is like and our routines. They questioned on Australia’s landmarks, food and culture, such as Uluru, Chris Hemsworth and Tim Tams. We also talked about anime.

I really enjoyed the opportunity as a whole, as it was a once-in-a-lifetime event and extremely fun! I learned a lot and I’m sure the Japanese students had fun too. Thank you, Tobu Junior High School for the spectacular experience!

Aribah Kamal 7E

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