Macedonian Cooking Class

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Kifli (Кифли) a traditional Macedonian food commonly known as Macedonian dinner rolls, are pastries filled with feta cheese that are made for special events or occasions such as Christmas, Easter, weddings, christenings or even for everyday purposes. In our Macedonian class, we made some Kifli for lunch. The process of making this traditional food was not only enjoyable but the result was VERY tasty. The dough consisted of flour, egg, milk and yeast. (This was premade by Ms. Janinska earlier) Our job as students, was to roll out the dough to create a flat surface with a rolling pin, then spreading a desirable amount of butter over the flat dough. Once the dough was buttered, it was carefully cut into 8 equal pieces. A necessary amount of cheese was then placed on the outer edge of each slice of the dough and rolled back over onto itself. Finally once finished, each and every one of the Kifli were positioned onto a tray and placed in the oven. After all that hard work, the Kifli turned out perfectly and delicious! We learnt that not only are Macedonian traditional foods such as Kifli very important and crucial to the Macedonian culture, they are also very… TASTY!

By Jana Miloseski 7J

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