Multicultural Day

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On 25th June, the school held a Multicultural Day where the students and teachers dressed in their colourful cultural dress. Selected students were invited for free food in the staffroom ranging from party pies to donuts. Lunchtime activities began with Jarneka and Hannah reciting the Welcome to Country ritual. They then introduced three electrifying Polynesian dancers and lunch ended with a powerful experience from the Samoan dancers! Epping Secondary is very multicultural and on this day the school was so colourful; highlighting the various cultures that we have around the school! All of the money we raised was donated to Asylum Seekers Resource Centre who are based in Footscray and provide aid, justice and empowerment programs to over a thousand asylum seekers living in the community seeking refugee protection. We are a very connected school, even though we might not recognise it. While the dancers were performing there was a lot of encouragement and positive vibes given off. It was beautiful to see. Days like this present JUST HOW connected we really are as a community. I hope that after the Year 12’s have left the school, this is followed-up in the future based on how amazing and how successful it was on the 25th June!

Lachlan Norris (Social Justice Captain)


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