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The Peer Support Program is an integral part of the transition process for our yr 7s at Epping, as well as providing opportunities for older students to take on a range of leadership positions in our community.


The Peer Support Program has enabled our school to establish a framework for identifying leadership opportunities for our students and allowing them to develop their ability in managing small teams and designing and coordinating group tasks.


In the future, Peer Leaders will be utilising their leadership skills to mentor junior students and to provide ongoing support and encouragement for their home groups and mentor groups.


The Peer Support Program creates a supportive and welcoming environment for our junior students and has established positive connections between our younger and older students.


A big thanks to all the supervising teachers who gave up their classes to support the students throughout the term and for their positive, supportive feedback.


Finally, I would like to congratulate our Peer Support leaders on their achievements this term, time and time again the feedback from supervising teachers has been outstanding. I am very proud of how our young leaders have grown and developed and I can’t wait to see what they will achieve and the leaders they will become in the future.


Ms. Hart


Some supervising teacher comments:


“Wonderful to have them in my class. My kids genuinely look forward to Peer Support and love meeting with the leaders. The leaders showed fantastic abilities in all activities, even those who were, put on the spot. My kids were having a noisy day (I’ve been away all week, so I think they may have been a bit ‘free’ this week) and the leaders handled it really well. Thanks for preparing them so well!”

“Great methods of getting students’ attention”

“Great session”

“They were fantastic, kept kids on task and presented an enjoyable lesson”

“Year 7s loved itJ”

“Dealt with students really well, in a positive way”

“Amazing work – great job!”

“Related well to students – entertaining stuff!!”


Some Peer Support Leader comments:


“OMG – that was so scary, but so much fun”

“Miss, how do you make them listen?”

“It’s really hard miss, how do you do it?”

“The kids are so cute …”

“They were really well-behaved today”

“Can we do this all year?”


Some year 7 comments:


“Can you be our teachers all year?”

“They were good”

“It was so much fun”

“I really liked it when we went outside and played games”

“It’s nice when our Peer Support Leaders come and talk to us in the yard”






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