State Badminton Coming Up

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On the Badminton front last year’s mighty ducks have now been upgraded to business class and been retitled ‘The Super Ducks’.  There’s only 1 thing better than taking 1 team through to the State Finals and that’s taking 2 teams through to the State Finals.  Both the Year 8 Girls’ & Year 8 Boys’ teams have been lucky enough to earn the right to go through to the State Finals which will be played on Friday 15th September.  Some new members into the squad are Rose, Tharosha, Ravyar and Anurag, blending in beautifully with the stalwarts of Hitaishi, Angelina, Mary, Devansh and the double Jack’s.

Impressively, the Girls’ team won 17/18 matches with a score line of 372 vs 170 and Boys’ team went back to back from last year and won 23/24 matches with a score line of 502 vs 193.  The next step is certainly the biggest with the squad just taking it one point at a time.  There are some highly skilled schools at this stage and hopefully all students come home very excited from the experience of competing at the State level against the best and reminiscing tales of exhilarating rallies!

Michael Rogneda – Sports Coordinator

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