Year 7 Camp!

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What a spectacular camp. Just on 100 students found themselves braving the weather, jumping, surfing, climbing, raft making and canoeing. It was cold enough to make ice cubes at night. The Disco and amazing race organised by Mr Cooke was certainly a highlight. Students really pushed themselves on the giant swing and raft making with some students wanting to swim in the pool afterwards. The whole surfing experience (which most had never attempted) was also an incredible challenge. The students were so well behaved, it made the time with them most enjoyable.

Thank you to our committed staff for leaving their families to support the camp. Thank you to our students’ parents for supporting their children. We hope it has strengthened their ability to persevere when challenged. We trust that it has consolidated existing friendships and created new ones. We also trust that it has made the partnerships between students and teachers a stronger one.

These are some observations some students have shared about their experience on camp:

  Camp was not what I expected (in a good way), there were so many more things to do than I realized! The highlight of the camp for me was being with my friends and being challenged. I made several new friends than I thought I would, which is great because now I have people to go to in tough times. I learnt how to “surf” and I also learnt the chicken dance. I improved my braiding skills because my cabin mates wanted their hair done.
  Year 7 camp was a quite fun camp to go on. We did activities which included the giant swing, high ropes and raft making. The activities I most enjoyed would be the giant swing and high ropes. I talked to many new people that I hadn’t talked to before and made a lot of memories that will stick with me forever. I challenged myself on this camp by surfing and actually standing up on the board. Surfing is something that I thought I would never be able to get the chance to do, let alone stand up on the board.
  Camp was a fun and enjoyable experience, despite the weather. Everyone powered through the water activities and they all definitely learned a new and important skill. The activities were really fun and the food we had was okay too. Other activities (such as trivia night, a movie and a disco) were much loved and enjoyed by many. Students and peers alike bonded with their cabin mates and friends next door. Both rides to and from the camp didn’t bore me because there was something exciting going on. The ride to the camp was buzzing with excitement, while the trip back was filled with us singing along to the songs on the radio.
  Camp was really fun because all the activities were very enjoyable. We went surfing, high ropes, giant swing, raft making and canoeing. The only thing was some of the food we ate could have been better but most of it was really good. I wish we could have gone for the whole week to do more activities such as the low ropes or do more night activities such as a night walk or AMAZE and things. The 3 days however were really fun.
  I found camp a fun experience over all. My best memories would have been when we went surfing at Smith’s Beach. I enjoyed it so much I would have swapped all of the other activities for it. Surfing was incredible. I don’t know how to say it any better. I did end up making some new friends with the cabin next to us, who I found to be really funny and good friends. The only thing I would change about camp was that the activity groups were bigger so we could meet more people at once or if more activities were on during day, or if camp went for longer. I found camp to be a good way to just get away and take your mind off school.
  This year at camp we did a lot of amazing things. We stayed in a cabin (all of the boys) of 2 single beds and 2 bunk beds and some of us had a lot of trouble sleeping. Other than that, we did a bunch of activities that included a giant swing, high ropes, raft-making, canoeing and surfing. Some extra sign up activities including crate climb, rock wall, team rescue and something else that I can’t remember. But instead of all this fun it was actually raining a lot over the 3 days we were at camp. That being said, there were a lot of things on camp that we didn’t enjoy. Since it was raining we only did crate climb and rock wall for activities and the people who didn’t sign up for anything (like me) watched a movie. It was also very windy as some people’s canoes toppled over into the water. We also had breakfast, lunch and dinner there (packed lunches on Monday and Wednesday) and occasionally had seconds.

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